Straight and to the point, Voice Band lets you make music by simply singing, fuck, even mumbling into it.  Why is that fucking cool?  Well for starters I always find myself conjuring up the sickest fucking beats at the most inopportune moments.  Moments where my drumset or guitar are no where in sight.  Beats that would DEconstipate a fat chick and knock some sense into this douche.  I've been dreaming of an app like this for just those moments and for brainstorming ideas without the need to set up the whole fucking studio.  Think about it, you can piece a whole song together on the fly, on the way to band practice and give the band an idea of what you're going for.  Watch the video and keep tabs on your jaw, if it drops nearly as much as mine did, you may want to reconsider moving out of your apartment if you live with a gay.