That up there is a live performance of a song called "Dead Souls" by Joy Division.  Who is Joy Division? Well, they're a band that evidently a lot of people have heard of and, to my amazement, actually respect.  See back in 1994 I was enamored by little a movie you may remember called The Crow.  Nine Inch Nails did a cover of the song for the soundtrack to the movie.  I LOVED THIS FUCKING SONG!  At the time I didn't care who wrote it or who Nine Inch Nails let alone Joy Division were, said knowledge only served to discuss the songs existence amongst a circle of friends.  After years of being told Joy Division was such a great band and only recently putting forth the effort to find the original version I'm not all that surprised by what I found.

It's easy to criticize music I didn't grow up listening to simply because I don't harbor that bond you get from listening to it for the first time or the smile you see when you first introduce someone else to it.  You know, like how people say Led Zepplin is good yet I can't find a single song of theirs that does anything for me.  So I understand why people got all up in arms when I'd mention I'd never heard Joy Division.  So what.  Why should the fact that I've never heard the original version of a song matter whether I like a modern version or not.  Imagine traveling 20 years into the future only to return and have to settle for Taylor Swift proper, when you've already heard and seen the younger, hotter and more rebellious successor to her throne.  My point is as time goes on things change, progress, lose relevance and although it's not always entirely true, things get better.  Music, however is so subjective that it's almost impossible to apply such rationale to it.  

Dead Souls is a great fucking song but I gotta say listening to the original version and criticizing it only in terms of musicianship, it sounds like a high school cover band doing a barely passable version of the Nine Inch Nails song.  Does the guitarist even have a clue what he's doing?  Do people honestly consider these horrific, off-key mumblings and sounds, vocals? This is what I've been snubbed for?  Seriously?  I've heard from friends that Ian Curtis would suffer from sporadic seizures that the audience would mistake as part of the performance.  Well color me holy shit as I'd probably be the first guy rooting this mother fucker on if I had no knowledge of his condition.  I fancy myself a musician and arteest of sorts, so I appreciate the value of what Joy Division has done for music but I'm more a product of their influence on the musicians that I grew up with so I do admire their brilliance but I do so indirectly.  I simply can't stand being told what to like and dislike in addition to being liked and disliked based on my "knowledge" of music.  Cuh-rack dat whip!