The last issue that never saw the light of dayDisappointment after disappointment, news like this is like finding the golden ticket in your Wonka Bar. After the whole Ziff Davis debacle my hopes of ever reading any magazine worth the paper it's printed on was bleak.  The folks at Ziff tried to redeem themselves by turning cancelled EGM subscriptions to Maxim subscriptions.  While that was definitely a step in the right erection, ha!, see what I did there, bam! it's worth noting that my scantily clad photoshopped ladies had nothing on SeanBaby's "Rest of the Crap" columns.  Unlike other publications that linger on due to it's inclusiveness as an added "bonus" to cardholding members, EGM stood it's ground for two decades.  Two long and well deserved decades in print.  The last issue, read about it here, didn't even make it to the printing press.  Thanks to as-it's-days-were-numbered-Editor-in-Cheif James "Milky" Mielke, at least we got a proper goodbye.  He did what he could with what was handed to him in those last months at EGM and I must say he did a spectacular job catering to the reader.  Putting pen to paper with interviews that brought into perspective what obscure eastern developers had in store for the western market and covers that leaped out and grabbed you by the throat yelling shit like "Yo mothafucka do what's right and read my ass bitch!"

In addition 1UP also took a hit by losing some of the wittiest editorial staff in the biz.  Scrutinizing sketchy and ridiculous business practices, breaking away from the ill-treated number scale for it's reviews to, as 1UP collective, producing some of the best podcasts around, it's easy to see it's a brand name that should merit some envy from it's competition as well as make publishers like Ubisoft value the readership EGM had garnered.  As Milky put it, EGM was a victim of UGO Entertainment simply not wanting a magazine as opposed to a lack of interest from it's readers.  20 years in print which will now continue thanks to original founder Steve Harris finally acquiring the rights to EGM from Ziff Davis Media.  I'm sure it was a long hard road that required patience I can only dream of but now it's official and he's taking the right steps towards bringing back the monolith.

"As long as you write for the readers and not the companies, the readership will come, and the advertisers will have no choice but to advertise with you."

It's revitalizing to see EGM's return will include some familiar faces.  Dan Hsu, quoted above and former EIC of EGM, will again handle EIC duties along with the Area5 guys, former 1UP Show turned CO-OP, doing what they do best, producing the interactive part labeled EGM[i]: The Digital Magazine, and yes SeanBaby will also be making a comeback with "The Rest of the Crap".  With plenty of crap out there I'll be waiting whi-hawms-why-hoe-pawn, jaw not so much.

Visit the site at, follow founder Steve Harris on Twitter, or keep it here for any future updates.