When I first picked up Apple's new Magic Mouse the only thing I found magical about it was how quickly it made $70 disappear from my wallet.  True, Apple can sell it's cult vomit in a can so long as the can resembles an object that looks like it fell off the back of the USS Enterprise, however for the most part the vomit turns out to be some great tasting orange juice.

After smashing my Mighty Mouse to bits with a hammer for it's pathetically designed scroll ball I went ahead and picked up a Magic Mouse based on it's potential.  Shut the fuck up and listen.  The entire surface of the mouse is touch sensitive, however the only officially supported gestures out of the box are single finger swipes for scrolling or full 360 degree scrolling.  It's like having a scroll ball that actually works!  The downside though was where the Mighty Mouse had a middle button and the side (squeeze) buttons this supposed Magic Mouse had neither.  This is where BetterTouchTool comes in.  

BTT was developed by Andreas Hegenberg based on the heavily modified code in MultiClutch and holy shit is this guy a genius.  This little app resides in your menu bar and lets you fully customize your Magic Mouse with multifinger clicks, taps and gestures.  It really shows what this mouse is capable of.  This tool is so customizable that it can be a bit overwhelming, however if you stick with only what you need at first and experiment later you should be set.  I've grown fond of the multitouch capabilities in my MacBook Pro's touchpad that working without them seems counterproductive.  Now, with BetterTouchTool and the ability of the Magic Mouse to mimic it's gestures I can now use Expose, Dashboard, Show Desktop even Quicklook and Trampoline while in clamshell mode with multifinger gestures instead of the simple one-finger flip I'd give my old Mighty Mouse relying on keyboard shortcuts.  As if that wasn't enough you can even customize the trackpad to do the same and more if you are so inclined.  Truly an amazing and useful app.

If you have a Magic Mouse there is no reason not to use, or at least try this tool.  I've paid for apps less usefull than this and yes it's free.  Not sure why Apple doesn't have this type of support out of the box but l can only watch in amazement as to how devoted and talented some people out there are.  More importantly that they use their talents for good.  Iron Man is the fucking shit yo!

Download it here