Ok, first off, remember when CD cases were that monstrous.  Fuck.  Onward my good fellow, here's a perfect example of what the music industry can do to you.  Above is not just one of my favorite Live songs but one of my favorite songs period.  When I first heard this song, back when I actually gave a shit about MTV's Unplugged, this song gave me escalofrios, or goose bumps.  Ever since then, the original studio recording just doesn't hold up.  The flair and radiance that came from those words "heard a lot of talk about this Jesus" was  fucking magnificient.  Thanks to power of YouTube I found this performance from what I can only assume is a late night talk show hosted by Dennis Miller.  It's a great fucking performance but still doesn't hold up to the raw power behind the Unplugged version.  I have it on a VHS somewhere back in 1995 but my time machine, or legs and arms, can't muster the energy to sift through each and every one of those forgotten little tapes collecting dust.  Take my word for it though.  Fraggle. Fucking. Rock.

You'll notice how effortless their "image" is.  These guys have no regard for image.  Fuck, if it wasn't for shitty quality, I'd go out on a limb and say Ed was still sporting the Unibrow.  I mean sure they're borderline bar band looking and you'd be right to flip them off as you walk into the bar with a sneer and a "yeh fuck yew mate" but the minute these guys hit that first note you're engaged.  That's a fucking band.

Now see what happens when you hit mainstream and apparently hire Erik Estrada to pick out your wardrobe.  Their is no need to show chest hairs here folks.  The music is still there, it's still real and it's still great.  

So does image really matter.  I mean H.U.M.'s Matt Talbot isn't the best looking nerd but dude fucking rips some shit.  I'm not much of a music buff, aside from the very few bands I actually love, I prefer not to follow history much.  Even back when I played shows as The Lipstick Device, Devices in Shift, even Airplanes are Better, music snobs ran rampant in their circle, people would always assume I liked this band or that band, when in fact I'd either never heard of the bands mentioned or I'd get ridiculed for not liking a certain version of a song due to some jackass grabbing the drumstick differently from the last douche who played with Shithole.  I prefer to simply enjoy music for what it is which definitely catches plenty of my friends off guard when I mention what I like and dislike.  It's easier to enjoy a song when you are oblivious as to who wrote it, when it was written etc.  I'm not gonna lie and say that's always the case.  Curiosity is in our nature.  When it's forced upon you it's natural to be ignorant.  It's a lot like going on a blind date and the only thing keeping it interesting would be if you were literally blind.  Think about it.

Just now as I searched YouTube, curiosity has not ruined, more altered my image of how I saw this particular Sunny Day Real Estate song.  Where before what could've been Milla is now this beast.