You might not think there's a bitchslap coming, but oh hell yeah it is. So Kara "Not Paula Abdul" DioGuardi, as mentioned in my previous post, gave this young chap some words of advice about his musical career. After praising him on what is quite obviously a gift, she says those same words I've heard other band members say, yet with less vagina, "It's all about the image". It's sad and depressing that as natural and charming as this guy came across, his image is what would hold him back. Ok so if this guy had a bit of the down-syndrome going for him or a boot for an arm maybe it would freak some people out, and I get that. There are plenty of mongoloid ass looking beasts out there who are great musicians/singers etc, that look nothing like the plowable gems, like Taylor Swift, that make records these days.  I understand that all major label execs want is more money to fund their Enzyte addiction.  My point is to become a "star" image is indeed everything.  Therein lies the problem.  Too many people want to be stars and not artists, regardless of what anyone who auditions for American Idol says, simply put, if you audition you can leave your dignity and integrity at the door.  American Idol was created for entertainment purposes much like America's Funniest Home Videos and Jackass were.  

TAXI's whole purpose, unless you are 18 -25, is for you to be the sloth behind the scenes while younger artists perform your songs.  See the connection.  I love that about TAXI but that's simply my opinion that I know for a fact others do not share.  I'd rather be the songwriter, than primarily the star.

Normally a guy like this would suffer the wrath of my 44WPM for how he requested to perform rather than have them listen to his cd however, not only does he bring it, he does it so brilliantly that you can immediately forgive his unpreparedness.  After all he was randomly selected, tho the cynic in me cannot let go of how premeditated it all feels, yet that's my whole point, dude obviously has a gift and all is forgiven.  So back to title of this entry.  The reason I didn't go to the TAXI Road Rally was because I let reality sink in and realize I'm nowhere near the caliber of guys like this but I only have myself to blame.  As I've said before it's humbling.  As much as I'd love to live in my own world, and don't get me wrong at times I feel like I do, it's nice yet depressing, to know there is a real world out there.  Oh well, I think I hear my video games calling me again.