Google's Chrome is now officially in beta for Mac.  The previous developer build was fairly stable, at least in my experience with it, and now this build should prove more reliable.  On Windows my browser of choice was always Chrome.  When I moved to Mac, Chrome was no where to be seen aside from buggy developer builds of Chromium, so I was basically forced to move onto Safari.  It's grown on me.  In case you are asking, I was never a big fan of the whole Firefox mess.  Now that I've grown accustomed to Safari, and more recently 1Password, I still can't set Chrome to be my default browser as I rely too much on 1Password's efficiency.  However now that Chrome is in it's official public release maybe Agile Web Solutions will have an update waiting for it's users soon.  Lets not forget how long it took for Chrome on Windows to lose it's beta tag.  Heck I think Gmail still carries it.  Hmm.

In the meantime visit for the download and take it for a spin.  My favorite part about Chrome is the address/search bar being one.  Kinda like Neo in the Matrix.