It's about damn time I finally got around to finishing up this damn video.  Awhile ago I was listening to a cd from a band I was in called Devices In Shift.  I reached the end and hit the title track called "Velas Para La Enferma".  A little bit of history about this song, Manny, the guitarist, had written the guitar line long before I had joined the band and when time came to finish up our band's cd, he decided to record it as an outro.  What ended up happening was I felt compelled to write lyrics to it.  The result was an amazing amalgamation of completely different writing styles, years apart, that surprisingly gave the record closure and sincerity.  From that point on I knew that this was the band I was going to continue writing music with.  Alas, time has passed and so has the band, but the song still means something to me.  I'd been pondering making a video to it for sometime, but ideas kept falling flat. 

One day while rummaging through some archives, I came across a short film my good friend George White made called Poor Richard's Almanac.  As I watched the film, it clicked.  This footage would be hella rad to use for the Velas video.  Decades later I get to work on it and it's now complete.  Nothing super special, no crazy effects just something I had the time to do.  So here it is.  Hope you enjoy it.