Over on NeoGAF the kids have been up to some crazy shiz.  Apparently trading and sharing games between users on the boards is a continuing trend.  It's crazy how times have changed and now you can basically share games with people from halfway across the country.  I'd say across the world but region locks exist as well.  Before you go dreaming things up this won't work on Xbox 360's since the Gamertag which purchased the content must be online for the full game to unlock.  If a game is played offline on the same console it was bought on it will work just fine, if not it reverts to the trial version.  With that out of the way, PSN allows users to play DLC on up to 5 other machines so I'm not surprised this is catching on.  I'm basically writing this up for those people out there who may not be aware of the ability to share games with friends and preferably, trade with friends, that way both sides get something new and fresh to play that they may have not bought other wise.  It's a fairly simple process which requires you to, first and foremost, trust the person your sharing your account with, remove your billing account info, personalize a password that you can change once they are done with your account and continue on as usual.  The account must remain on the other users system however it's not required to be logged in.  It's a lot more complicated than swapping discs at school but hopefully it helps spread word of mouth on games that would otherwise go unnoticed, like Flower, Pixel Junk Eden, and Braid.  I had to do this awhile ago with myself so that I could change my PSN ID from DevicesInShift to one that matters like AskAnEnemy.  The downside to it was I had to earn back all my trophies, luckily I only play the kickass games.  In comparison Xbox Live charges 800 MS Points but everything carries over.  I'm down with that.  I'm sure hope this goes without saying but if you really like a game, please buy your own copy.  Support the developers.