Right as I was considering asking my brother to find me a copy of Bayonetta from Japan, 1UP confirms that unlike the PS3 version, the Xbox 360 version of it is indeed region locked.  Bayonetta was released in Japan on October 29th and to the amazement of many, fully voiced in English along with the menus.  Earlier I posted a comparison GameTrailers did between the demos.  The differences were obvious, heck I even noticed it downloading the demos myself off of the Japanese marketplace.  I had concluded at that point to pick up the 360 version when it hit stateside on January 5th.  However that all changed when news broke that the PS3 version was region free, and naturally one would expect the 360 one to be also, but Microsoft tends to lay down the law more so than Sony.  Matt Leone of 1UP states that the differences are so significant, unless you own a Japanese Xbox 360 it's best to wait till it hits in January.  If you're stuck with a PS3 you won't notice the difference since odds are you don't read much.  Think that's nitpicky?  Famitsu gave the 360 version a perfect score of 40 while giving the PS3 version a 38.  If you have the choice why not, if you don't, well, reevaluate your decision making that caused you to be in that situation in the first place.  Fanboys chew on this. 8------->