It also makes the grown up in me, wait, there is no grown up in me. See that image to the left there. That's the total for buying the Forza 3 Motorsport 3 Premium Bundle on Amazon. C'mon look at this thing. It's a slick combination of a fully decked out racing seat, Microsoft's Wireless Racing Wheel and of course the game. Basically the deal comes down to buying the limited edition seat for $349, getting Forza 3 thrown in free, and 50% off the racing wheel. That my friends is what we on the interwebz call one hell of a deal. Unless you've got ten kids, a nag hag wife, or any sense of responsibility, I suggest you get on this STAT, and literally. If it weren't for Modern Warfare 2 being in so close proximity to the release date of Forza I'd jump on this before my lady friend could pack up and head back home to mothers letting me devise a plan to get her to understand how unfathomably rad this would look in the livingroom next to the cat tree. Seriously!