I'm in the process of getting some maintenance done around the site so you may see some changes.  Actually you may have already spotted some changes.  Hint:  the Ask An Enemy Store.  Hit it!  I've been meaning to take care of some lose ends around the site, giving reviews their own place, not because I'll be doing cigar reviews god no, who the fuck wants to read that, HAHA! just fucking with ya T-Dawg.  It takes a certain kind of man to do those types of reviews and here at Ask An Enemy, that's not how we roll, get it.  I'm still working on it as we speak and the live webcast/video podcast section is in the works see the grayed out section in the image above, there's a reason for it.  It also allows me to consolidate and rid the blog of the Livejournal section as Barry makes a good point of it reminding me it's 2009 and not "Hey bro, you've got a LiveJournal bro".  You'll be seeing some of the entries I bring over from there so if you happen to stumble across them be prepared, lots of fat people shit talk.  Hey, c'mon, there fat.  Anything that doesn't fit into the Reviews or Podcasts section will be under the Home section under the appropriate categories.  What does this mean to you the reader?  Well, the writing's on the wall, Ask An Enemy says it all.  I'm hoping this makes for a more well rounded blog.  The email remains the same podcast[AT]askanenemy.com.  

Feel free to let me know what you think of the changes in the comments section.  Hopefully the maintenance makes the site easier to navigate.   

Peace it,