I've been checking the App Store religously for this app ever since I moved the blog over to SquareSpace. Everyday to no avail. I gave up for about a week or so and checked again last night just for heck of it. What do you know? That familiar logo stared me right in the face. It's a free app that requires you to have a SquareSpace account but man oh man is it lovely to have a dedicated app.

I was previously using iBlogger, which quite honestly wasn't that great of an app. The UI was a little cluttered and posting jpegs was a nightmare. I thought I'd write for my first post with it. I don't see any options to edit HTML yet but I really don't see my self doing any in depth posts on the app, more so quick thoughts on shows and such.

SquareSpace I have faith in you. I wouldn't have switched over, losing podcast subscribers if i didn't think it was worth it.