I really want to care about Sleepercar. I do. I admire Jim and everything he's been able to accomplish with At the drive-in and Sparta. However, I can't, I just can't. The music Sleepercar writes is simply not something I could give two fucks about. It doesn't move me. It doesn't make me want to pick up my guitar and play along. As a matter of fact it disappoints me, for many reasons.

When bands that inspire you break up, as cliche as it may sound, a part of you dies with them. For the most part it's hard to connect with anything that secedes. It's like trying to start a fire with nothing but ashes, where instead you must use the ashes to create something entirely different. Your creativity is pushed to it's limits.

Another problem that must be dealt with is the legion of followers, or copycats if you will, that will no doubt emulate whatever the new band or bands do. Sleepercar brought about plenty of other bands that seem to want to do the same. Sleep. While The Mars Volta continue to make bands want to suck. Sorry I just had to include that shitty ass fucking band. The minute you become soft, the world takes over.

Henceforth my point. I love my boy Jim. I will continue to check his name off anytime I'm asked who inspires me, right below Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man and 8 bit soundtracks. The disheartening part is, if I find the music and lyrics of the guy who wrote Red Alibi and MYE, dull and formulaic, knowing full well he put all he could into it, what is there to look forward to when I criticize myself through the exact same third person perspective. It extends from the downturn Sparta took with Threes. I don't care how proud the boys may say they are about the album it is without a doubt the saddest collection of songs I've heard come out of them. It's like they knew the band had reached it's limits. This is entirely my opinion as people I know personally, actually find the last couple of songs to be great while I can't listen to anything past track 4.

Where before I would analyze and disassemble any meaning I could find in the name Sleepercar, now I just see a desolate, catastrophic, wearisome train wreck that even as a passerby I wouldn't have given so much as a double take.