Normally I wouldn't recommend wireless mice, let alone non-bluetooth wireless mice. For gamers the reason is obvious. Wireless mice are finicky as shit and finding a reliable connection with so much radio interference around nowadays is almost impossible. Bluetooth mice offer a more reliable, stable connection but are power hungry little bastards. You'll feel like you're footing the bill at a Duracell buffet on Lobster night.

The Logitech MX Revolution changes all that and then some. I've been pushing this mouse for about a week or so and believe it or not it's still going on one charge. The battery life is without question a definite pro of the unit. The MX runs off of a rechargeable Li-ion battery, that unfortunately isn't user replaceable but shall the need arise I'll update this post accordingly. It does come with a dock charger which you simply drop the mouse into doubling as a great display stand. Sorry I'm a sucker for those kinds of things. The dock requires AC power so a wall outlet is a must. Some users may not like that, though i prefer it. Out of the box the unit will work immediately however I strongly recommend you give it a full charge, about an hour or two should be good. I still have 4 full bars after a weeks use day and evening, remembering to turn it off at night.

Another plus goes to it's receiver. It runs off of a 2.4GHz RF USB Receiver which is small and compact. The Microsoft wireless laser mouse I owned previously had the fat wired dongle that makes it a huge inconvenience for mobile users. As I mentioned before, RF connections, more so those in the 2.4GHz frequency are usually hit or miss but with this mouse I haven't had any problems. I must admit at first I was getting a jumpy signal but I simply changed out the mouse pad and problem solved. Amazing how much a mouse pad really does make a difference. I have the same mouse pad at home and work which were bought at two different retail stores and it absolutely hates the one I bought at Big Lots, go figure. Spoiled little bitch.

Usually the software that's bundled with these devices is nothing but bloatware. In this particular case the Set Point software is definitely worth the install. It allows you to map each and everyone of the buttons from the standard click to more complex actions like launching applications with a single button press even mapping specific key commands. It's impressive what you can do with this mouse. I paired it up with Trampoline in conjunction with Dockables and it's made my life that much easier. The only mouse button you can't map is the middle mouse button. It's set by default to control what Logitech calls it's MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel mechanism. Clicking down on the scroll wheel causes the device to engage and switch between the high precision ratcheting wheel, or hyper speed free wheel. It wasn't a feature I much cared for going in but when you actually put it to use it definitely makes sense. It's make scrolling through long websites or PDFs loads easier.

On Mac OS the thumb wheel is uber convenient as it can be mapped to control Expose, Spaces, Dashboard even switching between applications. Pushing forward shows my desktop, backwards is application swticher and pressing the wheel in is CMD+Click for opening links in new tabs. That's not by default but my personal preference.

Overall I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with the MX Revolution. After all the mice I've been through, specifically Apple's own Mighty Mouse with it's horrendous scroll ball design requiring OCD like cleansing habits to continue to function properly, the Revolution is a real treat. I strongly recommend picking one up as it also feels great in your hand. Like a perfectly shaped bosom.

The Logitech MX Revolution retails for around $59.99 and is available from a variety of online retailers as well as local retail outlets.