Throwing in qualifiers always feels a bit cheap but in some cases it simply must be done. Doom Resurrection is fucking great, for an iPhone game. First off this is on an iPhone, not a PSP, meaning the expectations of the platform justify the means, so if a game blows away what little hope you had in it being any good then the qualifier must be noted. Gaming is a feature of the iPhone, not the purpose.

For starters, on paper, the game doesn't sound all that great, possibly causing some hesitation from would be buyers, however if given the chance it is executed rather brilliantly. id Software designed Doom Resurrection from the ground up for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. Taking full advantage if it's accelerometer for, of all things, aiming, the end result could have been disastrous but this is id we're talking about here. Tilting the device in any direction causes the reticule to move accordingly and works unbelievably well. Set your crosshair sensitivity and you're pretty much set. The game will automatically calibrate the accelerometer at the beginning of every level, however if you are constantly shifting positions simply pause the game, select calibrate from the menu and your reticule will re-center itself. It may sound tedious, but in practice, it's not and you'll find yourself thankful that you can.

I'm bypassing the story entirely as there isn't one to really give two sandwiches about. This is Doom folks not the bible, although it's just as ridiculous except in this Hell guns somehow magically appear. Pacing is where this game really shines. It starts you off by slowly introducing the game mechanics so that you can eventually learn how to manage more than one thing happening on screen at once. It's basically an on-rails shooter, not unlike, House of the Dead, and sharing some similarities to Metal Gear Solid Touch. Unlike Metal Gear though, which uses tapping anywhere on the screen to shoot, your HUD provides a make-shift gamepad lay out. You tap the bottom right corner to shoot, top right for reload, top left to switch weapons and bottom right for dodging certain enemy attacks. Again it may sound terribly convoluted but the pacing helps all these elements work together and before you know it your battery is dead. Think of it as a rhythm game of sorts with a cavalcade of fucked up time signatures. Imagine watching Disney's Fantasia while listening to Dillinger Escape Plan.

There's variety in the weapons available and while it's not hard to miss new weapon pickups, ammo is hard to come by if you aren't quick at catching it off screen. To pick up ammo you simply tap on it, adding even more variety, the completionist in you will love the secret items scattered about as it takes some quick reflexes to acquire them as well. Version 1.1 hit about 2 days ago adding a new Challenge mode you see in the pic above. It's a great way to replace an iPhone of adding some challenge for those of you with a more hardcore mindset. They range from simply achieving 300,000 points in the first section of Level 1 to finishing Level 9 with 75% accuracy on Nightmare Mode. That's brutal. Yeah and Rodney King says hello.

I have to mention Doom Resurrection originally debuted at the top-tier $9.99 price point. However I was lucky enough to pick this up during id's QuakeCon discount period for $2.99. As of this post it's currently up around $6.99 no word on whether it will budge anytime soon but even at that price I would definitely recommend it. Hands down. Unfortunately the one thing I was a bit disappointed with was the frame rate. It tends to choke when to much is going on at once but it doesn't render the game unplayable by any means, it just makes me wish I had a 3GS. I'd love to see how this runs on that hardware. The loading times aren't too bad either. If you have a 3GS definitely pick this up, if you only have a 3G or 2G, hit this up if you can spare the Lincoln and his two Washington hos. Don't waste your time with Duke Nukem. I've shat better diarrhea than that. I shudder to think someone thought that was a good idea.

I'll post some video up soon!

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