Well, maybe not quite unboxing but you get the idea. My sister-in-law or SIL, if you will, rocks mad balls. On her return from a recent trip to visit family in Japan, Asako, brought me back these two gems. I know, I know, there are three in the pic above but let's just say the last one wouldn't be on America's Next Top Model but she'd definitely be holding a candle at the Special Olympics. Let's just call her Bosley.

These figures are found in Japan just like we find Homie's here in the States. If you ask me I'm more keen on Japan's way of doing things. It ends there tho. Tubgirl anyone? Exactly.

They look a bit like Pokemon based on packing but these are far from being "Pocket Monsters" unless ofcourse we're talking about Bosley. Man, seriously, there's nothing worse than seeing a chick with boobs that look like two fat chicks invited to the wrong party. Yeah I threw that one away. Life has enough fat chicks, why would want a fake one.

Try to guess which is my favorite.