You know, D3 Publisher has never really been known for their "great" games. They've always been known for their fun, quirky, over-the-top line of Simple 2000 games. It's a series of games that are low budget both in terms of production and the end users wallet.

It's no surprise they decided to make a movie out of the OneChanbara series. It's busting at the seams with content that to anyone would be a no brainer. Chicks in bikinis hunting zombies. Need I say more. There are plenty of elements that need some attention to detail though. The most important one being the chick in a bikini can not, I repeat, can not, be an obeast. That would just be wrong on all sorts of levels.

Think of this entry as a live blog of sorts. I'm currently watching the movie and blogging from my iPhone and as I find something to say I'll update the entry accordingly. I don't expect anything close to a masterpiece from this movie but it's always a blast to see how sometimes these movies simply don't even try.

First up, I'll start off by mentioning that the low budgetness applies to the movie as well. The actress is not hot by any means. She's more of a nice "cute" fullness that you would find walking around your workplace, if you happen to work somewhere where the chicks aren't Jubba the Huts or fucking Pizza the Huts. She's no Lisa Ling but she's also no Margaret Cho if that helps any. She's all sorts of cute tho. I know now why they replaced the whole cast for the sequel, yes there is a sequel, with these ladies.

To be continued.....

UPDATE 1: Tats don't get any faker than this folks. You don't need a magnifying glass to see that summabitch was aquired by sending the PA down to the local laundrymat and simply scratching off insert-your-fav-thug-chick-name-here from the bottom. Seriously, even in standard def the elephant in the room is a blinding yellow.

UPDATE 2: After seeing this contraption I'm just waiting for an Easy Bake Oven to make it's appearence.

UPDATE 3: The movie is nothing like the following video, but I'll blame it on CGI's ability to make the female figure, well, perfect.

UPDATE 4: Bottom line, too much zombie not enough bikini.