Firemint is known for developing top notch iPhone games from the simplistic, yet addictive Flight Control (click opens iTunes) to the more robust Real Racing (click opens iTunes). In this tech demo, Firemint demonstrate how much power the iPhone 3GS has over the iPhone 3G. Thanks to it's full support for OpenGL 2.0 and 512MB of RAM, the 3GS screams with computing power.

According to Firemint, via MacWorld, “Since the game uses a high fidelity physics engine, adding cars is a good test for pushing the hardware. We started our tech demo with 8 cars on the track, then 10, 12, 16 and 20, and the 3GS still didn’t break a sweat,” wrote Firemint’s Alexandra Peters. “We finally stopped when we got to 40 cars on the track at the same time, still with no perceptible drop in frame rate. We think the results are mind blowing."

Well so do we. This brings up the question of whether or not this will cause segregation in the market due to developers making use of the new capabilities leaving all of us suckers 3G owners yearning for more cars to collide with.

Firemint does not plan to release an update to the game yet. I'm speechless really both sides affect consumers in the long run, good or bad. Oh well it's not like the iPhone is meant to become the next Xbox 360 so in my book it's all good. I, uh, have to go, uh, check my...**runs to AT&T to pick up a 3GS.