Now I'm not a huge fan of the Need For Speed series. It's a little to douche-bag-horse-faced-infested for my tastes. You know, like those wannabe thugs who race their shit ass rice burners in the Hobby Lobby parking lot thinking they are all Fast and Furious but in reality they are more Douche-and-STD, based on the ho's I've seen rubbing their sacks. On the other hand the Burnout series has been one of my favorites in the racing genre, due to it's focus on basically wrecking some shit.

So you'll have to understand why I'd take some caution in the following bit of news. Criterion's Alex Ward and most, if not all, of the Burnout team will be spearheading the next installment in the Need For Speed series. Being the huge fan I am of Burnout Paradise this is great fucking news. Being the huge anit-fan I am of douche bags, their little douche bag beards, and their douche bag cars, I'm kinda disappointed. You might say, well you don't have to buy it and that's absolutely true. However the time they spend rendering the little beards on those douche bags in game, they could be spending making new DLC for Burnout Paradise, or even a whole new Burnout Paradise, like 2, the revenge. Nothing's been announced yet but the wheels are turning.

While I'm at it they could even be spending that development time on a sequel to Black. Think about that. I'm hoping this isn't EA's response to the Need For Speed franchise losing out in sales to Burnout and them wanting to breathe new life into it. While on paper it makes sense, I'll wait for the execution of it to run some douches over.

Oh and the Big Surf Island DLC you see in the video above is out this Thursday, June 11th also. $9.99. Pick it up.

-READ via Kotaku