Sony has undeniably been the most "hardcore" of the three publishers in terms of press conferences, and not just this year, although this year in particular they brought it in spades. Starting off strong with an amazing single-player demo of Uncharted 2, it goes without saying that Sony done brought it.

As I mentioned before Sony needs to check their gaskets as most leaks and rumors proved to be true. Their ability to make fun of themselves during the PSP Go! announcement with Kaz Hirai saying "We call this new PSP two things, E3's worst kept secret and the PSP GO!" is nothing short of brilliant. I'd actually go out on a limb and say all of the rumors aside from a price drop, let's face it that wasn't gonna happen anyway, or the PS3 Slim proved to be true. Interesting point about the slim rumor though is that after watching the press conference in it's entirety, and noticing every trailer end with the simplified PS3 logo as opposed to the previously full out spelling of Playstation 3, I have no doubt it's coming, however I doubt an official announcement will come any time before this years Tokyo Game Show. I'm basing this only on the connection between the simplified logo, combined with the cease and desist letters Kotaku got from Taiwanese lawyers, and the leaked images of the box art.

Seeing as most of the rumors proved to be true there wasn't much to surprise me aside from actually seeing the trailers or demonstrations to go along with the confirmation. Announcements like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker obviously justified my need for a new PSP although at $250 I'll pass for now until Metal Gear's official release.

I find it comforting that Sony is lowering the price for developers to develop on the PSP platform as that will undoubtedly spur some smaller indie devs to hopefully bring their games to the platform.

I can't close without mentioning the PS3's motion controller. At a convention where many companies head the route of me-too, Sony joined the ranks by throwing in their version of a motion controller. Regardless of how jaw-droppingly creepy Peter Molyneux's Milo was on Microsoft's Project Natal, Sony's motion controller is a little more up my alley. I like the combination video capture/tracking along with leaving the controller in the person's hand as it also lends to more precision and interactivity. Where it seemed Microsoft and Nintendo mirrored each others statements about pussies wanting to play games but not liking buttons, Sony said fuck that we're ripping shit up and making your shit soaked pants bleed of how fucking awesome we tore your shit, sucka.

All in all I'm fucking stoked for all platforms, Wii not so much. How about you? Now that the three big conferences are over, what are you're thoughts? Konami still has there conference coming up later today, although I doubt they'll show anything we haven't seen yet. KojiPro's take on Castlevania? Fingers crossed.