So folks. Apparently talking some shit on the podcast will bring you some bad luck. After finishing up this weeks podcast, Barry got home to undoubtedly play some Call of Duty 4 only to find this waiting for him. I think leaving your console on 24/7 instead of using what most people know nowadays as a little thing called SAVED GAMES, to ofcourse come back to a game later caused this little Johnny 5. What kind of maniac, knowing the history of these machines leaves his on all day to play fucking Wolverine. Maniac Cop 2 maybe. Sorry it's 3 in the AM kids.

Good thing Microsoft's 3 year extended warranty has my boys back. I told him if he's really desperate for some COD4 action tonight he should pull off the old towel trick for the time being. Only temporary ofcourse, but it should definately tide him over till he gets to filling out the paper work and getting his "coffin" on it's way.