UPDATE: Well it seems as though Sony was spying on me as I wrote this post. According to Kotaku the retail release of the PS3 version for The End is Nigh Episode 1 and 2 will indeed be bundled with the Blu-Ray version of Watchmen. Thank you Sony, thank you immensely.

I'm always surprised at how quickly these things get released for our home viewing pleasure. Watchmen is a day one for me and on Blu-Ray, if P90X won't give me heart attack this surely will. Oh yeah and you guys remember that XBLA and PSN release of The End is Nigh, yeah not too many do. Well it was originally planned to be episodic and it seems we'll be getting the second episode along with the first on disc at retail about the time the movie hit's home release. Maybe they'll do some sort of collector's edition. If so, consider me suckered. The movie is expected to hit retail on July 21st. Maybe I'll get it for a certain someone's birthday. She'd cream her pants.