First things first - Similarities in plot delivery and introduction

As you can see from the video above, both games use the animated comic book art style to deliver story and character development. Crackdown uses next-gen cell shading technology for it's gameplay giving both narrative and gameplay a consistent vibe. inFAMOUS on the other hand breaks from the comic book art style for it's gameplay towards the usual photorealism many next-gen games try to achieve. They both look spectacular in motion so no complaints here.

Getting to know inFAMOUS

In inFAMOUS you play as a character named Cole who discovers, upon waking up from a coma, he is blessed/cursed with super powers he mysteriously received after a delivering a package that leveled half the city. He discovers the city in shambles and overun my mulitple gangs. There in lies the magic that developer Sucker Punch is hoping to capture. Decide which path you wish to take. Save the city and become the hero or embrace the freak within and destroy anything that stands in your way. Uncharted waters? I think not. Plenty of games attempt to do this and fail miserably. Successful execution relies on how much emphasis is placed on this one gameplay element.

Getting to know Crackdown

Real Time World's Crackdown is less ambitious in this regard. Your character is a no name Agent playing the good side and undeniably down with ripping some shit into the bad. Story and character development basically comes down to finding agility orbs, the character development, and finding any and all means possible to juggle area gang leaders in the air long enough to earn acheivements, the narrative.

It's not impossible to see which game takes itself more seriously, however both of these games are proving to be very similar in how they want you to accomplish your goals. Your character is essentially a badass with unbelievable abilities waiting to be unleashed on the huge open world before them.

Up next in Round 3, What makes for a good demo? It's time for some gameplay comparisons.