Let me clear something up first. You may wonder why Prototype is not in this discussion. For starters, with no demo yet available, Prototype will be appearing on both consoles and secondly it focuses more on melee based combat where as inFAMOUS and Crackdown rely on range based attacks. Prototype will also fulfill plenty in the gore department while inFAMOUS and Crackdown please our insatiable desire to blow anything and everything sky high with little to no effort. Both inFAMOUS and Crackdown are first party exclusives which come bundled, through preorder, with first party exclusive multiplayer betas. In this series of articles I plan to start with each title's demo and end with a full on comparison of the retail release of each of these insanely fun titles. Lets start out simple shall we?

From the outside in - Similarities in packaging

I'll start with the obvious, price tag aside, the two share an uncanny resemblance with their bullet point/sticker tags. Many of us remember Crackdown pushing the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta, some remember it the other way around, and I'm sure for Microsoft and Bungie it was a win-win situation but for developer Real Time Worlds it may have felt as more of double-edge sword made of gold. Crackdown was flying low on most gamers radars until the announcement of the Halo 3 beta pack in and it's almost impossible to gauge it's success now thanks to this little situtation.

Things on the inFAMOUS front are bit different though. Preordering inFAMOUS will land you a spot in the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta and one could easily argue which of the two betas is/was most hotly anticipated. Master Chief can sell an eskimo a years worth of ice, while Drake, star of Uncharted, can only sell Tomb Raider fans, hope.

As I mentioned before, both games are first party exclusives pushing each consoles showcase first party exclusive betas. Halo 3 is undeniably selling to a confirmed and established fanbase where multiplayer is a staple of the franchise. Uncharted was entirely single player based with no multiplayer aspects whatsoever. Developer Naughty Dog is really going out on a limb hoping multiplayer fit's into the world they created with Uncharted 2 introducing multiplayer and Co-op for the first time. It's easy to see which of the two fits the true definition of beta.

The similarities don't end there folks. Up next I'll be showing how the games both intro using the same style.