These two guys look "dooshay". There is absolutely nothing in their eyes or hair that says "I write meaningful music". No, I get nothing. On top of that I don't find there music to be something I'm into. Obviously, many think quite the opposite and they, as I, have every right to think for themselves. It's quite obvious what caught my attention. That thing in the middle with the two eyes. Who are these people? A band by the name of Nico Vega. There's no reason why I chose this band for this particular post. I just came across this pic while visiting a friends MySpace and thought I'd give the band a chance. It's no secret I am a sucker for female fronted bands and it's disappointing when 90 percent of them are not quite what I was expecting. The music industry, in my opinion, has become saturated with no-name, pretty-face, indistinguishable non-sense. So much so that I find it hard to be inspired by anything. Back in the day I'd drop in any ATDI album into my queue and the emotional response, the overwhelming feeling of pride was breathtaking. Lately though, I'll go back and listen to those same records and the meaning is lost. There is no absolutely no reason to disrupt the airwaves with this voiceless chatter.

At the same time as I finish up episode 5 of the Ask An Enemy podcast, I realize how much of the passion I used to have for being part of the music industry has just faded. It has nothing to do with getting old. It has nothing to do with the "struggle" to be successful. I find myself being very content siimply writing music and if it is solely for myself so be it. I, and emphasis on the I, have no reason to seek a record deal with a company that will only rip you apart. Besides my music is so personal, in terms of taste, that I'm not surprised many do not understand nor find it interesting. I can listen to my music from a third person perspective and fully understand that. I fully embrace and comprehend my limits. That is why I can't market or promote myself in anyway whatsoever. If I do not like a band, and they try to push their music on me, what right do I have to do the same to someone who dislikes my music as well. To put it simply, I absolutely 100% love every aspect of writing music. touring and performing and will continue to do so in some repect. I will put my music out there for others to listen to. I will never stop. It's the industry I can't stand. It's that most of the people and personalities in this business are so cutthroat they fail to see just how ridiculous they are. If another opportunity to tour with Sparta, not SleeperCar but Sparta, Jealous Sound, even Kris Roe, were to land at my doorstep I wouldn't think twice. Slim as that may be, I think I am the only who would understand why.

This is simply a random thought before I get the podcast up which I may expand on from time to time. I just find it crazy that my love for video games as a kid has flourished more and more as the days go by. I'm trying to find out why. I never wanted to be a game developer I just really enjoy jumping into these experiences, and puzzles and situtations that change consistently and can easily be switched on at a moments notice, as well as off.