To anyone who follows the band,

For awhile I have been considering whether or not to write this out as we haven't done much of anything lately to make such a big deal of it, however it didn't feel right to just leave the site ( or in limbo, Ask An Enemy will continue unaffected. It may have seen like it's been that way for awhile, yet behind the scenes we've been working on new material. You may have noticed the occasional new song every now and then. We obviously had a show scheduled this past Friday, March 27th with our good friends Antigone at Zepplin's. We failed to show up. We couldn't even agree to play one last show. I decided that I'm not having fun doing this anymore. Many will argue to their grave that music must be treated like a business, I will argue to my grave that it must be a fun and creative process first and foremost. If you lose that you lose any reason to continue doing it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. It's not fair to anyone. Isn't that why people move on from their 9 to 5. They absolutely hate it and the people they are surrounded by. They feel limited and pressured to do what others expect with little to work with. They move on to find new experiences.

I've tried, believe me I've tried, but when you have three other lives to sync with, that in turn also have other commitments or priorities, it's simply impossible to be on the same page when we are all reading categorically different books. The remaining three members I'm sure will continue to work together as they had before I joined the band. So keep it here as I hope they use this technology to keep you guys updated. My second attempt at Twitter was shot down. The only member who still uses this site is the only member I hate to have disappointed, although it could not have been more obvious how I felt. As for myself I will continue as I always have, writing music for myself, and yes I am unquestionably fine with that. The only regret I have is having to end this with such a wimper as opposed to the sound of a snapped guitar neck.

Thank you guys for all the kind and not so kind words you have all shared with us in the past.