This is coming from someone who has never owned a Mac before. I have always been plastered behind the screen of the many mutations Microsoft has put Windows through, including the most recent Windows 7 Beta. Although beautiful and definitely appealing to my soft spot for eye candy, Windows 7 is still Windows. That's where the problem lies. It will continue to be Windows and I cannot see myself ever going back to it. If it weren't for the lack of video game support for Mac OS, I'd probably never touch another PC in my life. Call of Duty 4 and Blizzard's brilliance in developing Diablo II for Mac keep me content for now but if Valve brought Steam to Mac consider my last statement solidified and etched on my tombstone.

Why did I switch to Mac?

The PC I had before Mac was fully spec'd out to my needs and budget. It wasn't cheap but it also wasn't going to magically teleport Howard the Duck down from Duckopolis, DC, to join in on some COD4 with me and my ladyfriend. It served it's purpose, yet not even a week in and I was already receiving the "high maintenance girlfriend attitude". Download the driver to this, Sound Card that, blah blah blah. Windows Vista plug and play my ass. After numerous crashes during recording sessions using Sonar 7 Pro, which I absolutely adore (Note to self: get in good with some rich old bitches, aka the coogs, take out insurance polices, ride 'em dry, use the dough to pay Cakewalk to develop Sonar for Mac, and I'll drop Logic in a "heaaaartbeat", DJ reference FTW.

I decided I it was time for a change. I'd always heard Macs were THE machines to go to for media intensive applications for their mean stability and ease of use.

Many will agree the barrier to entry though is the initial cost. Notice I said initial cost, not simply cost. I'll get into that in a bit, but for now simply make note of it. The cost of a new Macbook, let alone learning an entirely new operating system, was a bit daunting at first as well as almost double what I paid to piece together my previous configuration. Enter the new unibody aluminum MacBooks. Many don't understand that it's not only how much ram you have, but at what speed it runs. The same goes for your hard drive and processor and that should ultimately define what decision you make one way or the other. That's where it gets difficult to decide on what system to purchase when it comes to prepackaged PCs as opposed to non-OEM. It basically boils down to the "butterface" syndrome but for PCs.

For the sake of hopefully keeping your attention we'll avoid specifics and plainly say that the new Macbooks, couldn't have come at a better time, and met, if not exceeded, my original setup.

Now, remember I said the initial cost. Lets get into that. I've spent the last couple weeks helping friends and co-workers with setting up, maintaining, and even straight up recovering data from their current ill advised purchasing decisions. I do not mean to belittle their decisions as I'm sure they don't glue their face to their computer screens and have better things to do than figuring out what the fuck ERROR: INvalid SYNtax JESxx98US **^^%Microsoft**7773 ::GET**&^@mnn YO>>:2345 SHIT::???!!234dffff TOGETHER{{}} means and I don't blame them, it's painful, tedious, and exhaustive work. Even more so when you have to rely some poor schmuck behind the counter of a big retail store who is there simply to pay child support get the funds to party with "lil smiley y la Tear DRoP" later that night at the local watering hole leading to more child support. Don't get me wrong, I love learning from these situations and would never deny any friend a helping hand, but it's also why I hate giving advice on what to buy seeing as I always feel like I spend more time explaining the minute details that they would either never notice nor would ever care about. Most people will never see the difference between 1066 FSB as opposed to 800 and there's nothing wrong with that, I also think I just proved my point.

After spending most of my time maintaining my PC, and since most think time is money, and to some it would, I hope you can see why the initial cost, at least to me, is worth every ounce of praise. Mac OSX isn't without it's quirks and headscratching "why the fuck did they do that" moments but it definately beats downloading the wrong driver for the wrong video card that leads to the broken keyboard resulting in a bloody fist nabbing the cat and, to avoid PETA hunting me down, ending up in a trip to the vet.

So what's your conclusion?

After owning, and fist pumping to the beat of a new drummer boy, for about six months, my decision to stick with Macs from this point on is as firm as Katie Holmes grip on the vibrator. Do I recommend switching to Mac? Well, to be honest, unless your daily meal ticket relies on your expertise in returning this band to it's roots, or photoshopping this to that and not simply writing up articles for El Diario, you're pretty much golden sticking to your guns, plus you'll still be helping out Lil SMiLey mooch off his friends.