UPDATE: Forbes has an article up on this recent bit of news. Hope everything works out for the guys.

The guys that brought you 1UP Show have been picked up by Revision3 and have given new life to what was previously the #1 Video Game Video Podcast, at least to me it was. Now known as CO-OP, this week the guys will be talking up Killzone 2 and Noby Noby Boy for PS3, as well as hanging with some special guests. I'm currently downloading the season premiere, stream it above, as I'd rather wait for the download than stream the thing. Streaming always seems to choke up at the most inopportune time.

I don't know about you but for me I've been waiting for this to happen for awhile. GametrailersTV and Xplay just don't seem to cut it. Adam Sessler, I love you man but Morgan Web is horrid, Olivia Munn is different story, but that's also another show.

Thanks to Jeff Green for the heads up as I may have missed this.