March 4th to be exact. The price hasn't been confirmed for consoles just yet but on Steam the game will be set at $19.99. I imagine it will be about that if not slightly less on consoles. There's no online co-op, but splitscreen local co-op will be in full effect, and from what I hear it's split veritically which makes it kinda awkward in my book. The Warriors and Bionic Commando did a great job of autmatically splitting the screen when the two players strayed further away from each other, so I have some doubts about co-op. Single player on the other hand should be hands down kickass. After finally finishing the graphic novel I'm looking forward to this and the film next week. I won't be watching it day one though that's for sure. Not only will it surely be packed, I'm sure there will be a lot of snot nosed kids whose parents have no Idea what they'll be getting into. This isn't your typical superhero flcik. Not one bit.