kickassery at its best

A little late seeing as I got my copy last week but I tend to be a bit lazy when I don't have deadlines to meet. I picked up the PS3 version since the D-Pad on the DualShock 3 is far superior to the Xbox 360's gamepad and I have my Hori Arcade stick on the platform. The collector's edition comes packed with the Street Fighter Feature Length Anime on Blu-Ray ofcourse, Ryu figurine (Xbox 360 CE comes with Crimson Viper), Ryu's Red Head Band, Mini Prima Comic Book style Strategy Guide, Redeemable PSN Voucher for Brawler Costume Pack DLC, and CD soundtrack.

I haven't had a chance to listen to the soundtrack yet but the opening sequence to the game blends some cheesy J-Pop Band type jam with horrifically bad lyrics that are cringeworthy. You'll find yourself singing it throughout the day wondering what the fuck is wrong with the world and then suddenly ultra combo the guy behind the McDonald's counter when he brings you your McRib.

Here are some pics of the official Ask An Enemy unboxing.