Don't want to take my word for it that Resident Evil 5 controls like ass chips? How about one concerned Japanese analyst who took it upon himself to bring up the demo's playability during a financial earnings forecast? If an analyst brings up a subject like this during one of these meetings where shit gets real Capcom surely should have got the message right? Apparently not.

The analyst asks "I thought Resident Evil 5 had very poor playability in the demo version, so I would like to hear Capcom’s opinion." Wait for it, Capcom's response is priceless. What is it you ask? Well, it was "We would prefer not to comment, as we haven’t received any such opinion." Did the guy just ask who ate the last fucking bagel that he purposely hid behind the coffee pot in the conference room or did I just split my pants? Yeah, that right there folks is why you are gonna be playing Resident Evil 5 like the suckers you are. It's just like having a hot ass girlfriend who just keeps fucking you over every fucking day, and you still continue to pamper her vagina with gifts even after she tells you you don't pleasure her anymore so she's getting a vibrator who's name is Steve from across the dorm. I haven't been this passionate or pissed about something since the fat guy from the T-Lounge ate a hot dog. I can understand if it was some shit ass game with shit ass controls but this is Resident Evil. Even Silent Hill got the...ah forget it. Jesus Christo.

Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.