Some people have kids, others have pets, I on the other hand breed music. Depending on how you see things though that could be good or bad. I take my time between births, know full well whether or not to start a new project and in this particular situation, absolutely love that it's all grown up and out of the house.

I've been working on this song for awhile now with Devices in Shift but recently gave it a bit of the Lipstick Device treatment, it's called Proximity is Your Campaign. I basically took the reigns and had The Reverend, as my wingman, come in to do his guitar part. I'm sure he'll be pissed with the outcome as I changed a lot of the vocal melody around which would make for some humorous podcast discussion but my band members are gay, so ix-nay on the podcast-vay. To be honest the only reason I finished this song was to meet a deadline for TAXI, which I must say I just met by the hair on my chinny chin chin and albeit a bit prematurely but I'm happily content with the outcome. I'm a little too jaded nowadays to even consider thinking about putting together a full album, though ofcourse I will when I have enough music finished but for now I'll simply release songs as I finish them or as the need arises, because I can.

This particular song is for Film/TV/Video Game placement on a YES/NO basis. No critiques. The neat thing about TAXI is when you submit for a critiqued listing they actually give a pretty in depth analysis of your song. I can't express in words how much it helps and if you are intelligent enough to accept it, it can be very rewarding. I've heard complaints about TAXI being bullshit and not providing it's members with record deals and the sort, but honestly it will basically come down to your music simply not being any good or "marketable". Sure I wish I could be out on the road performing at venues all over the world but it's simply not feasible at the moment and if an opportunity to do so arises you better believe I'd do it. Personally I've never listed a record deal as a priority, read enough about it and you'll know why. Distro deals are rad but hella hard to come by. What it all boils down to is you have to be out on the road, non-stop. Some people just don't fully understand that and assume that because you're in a band everyone should care about who you are. NO! ::Slap on the wrist:: NO! That's not the way it works. At the moment though I'm perfectly content with simply submitting music for listings. It beats dealing with snot nosed 5 car garage bands that think they deserve anything and everything.

At the same time it's always been a problem of mine to market my stuff or promote the band and I know it's partially because I keep to myself and can see both sides to things which tends to make me neutral....and lazy. If I won't go to your son's 1st birthday party, wedding or quinceanera what right do I have to tell you to come to my show and listen to my music. Oh, hello EGO I didn't see you there behind that other ASSHOLE. Besides when I have bands I could care less about hand me there music I can see how people would do that with mine. So I'd rather focus on those people who do like what I do or at least have something cohesive and intelligent to say about it. I'm always up for listening to what people think, unless you are Before Braille, Mike, or that other douche band that played at the House of Rock and Roll and demanded payment even though they sounded like fart and had Diarrhea as management, ending up in their argument meaning shit. See that right there is why I glue myself to my screen and gamepad. Don't worry people Street Fighter 4 is right around the corner.

Anyway visit the MySpace or My TAXI Home Page if you'd like to hear the song. The MySpace page includes the lyrics for those of you into that sort of the thing. Lots of love. Comment away.