I think the reason I got sucked back into my video game addiction was to keep quiet, or basically shut the fuck up. I was running sound at The House of Rock and Roll and it just destroyed me inside. The bands I heard, the things I saw and the people I met, although few and far between there were definitely some good, were all catalysts in my bitterness. To be honest it all started with the 2004 elections and just started steamrolling from there. Everything I was bitching about, anything I felt like saying was pointless. The Grammy's this weekend did nothing to help out. I was looking forward to maybe seeing some great performances but it was all just blah and reminded me how far I had strayed from what I originally wanted to do, play and write music for fun.

It seems you can't write music without any form of consequence. I wish you could write a song and simply let it exist. I wish it were that simple but it's not. The minute anyone listens to anything you write it becomes a competition. The very second you let that song go into the wild it becomes a completely different beast.

Sorry, I have to stop right there. It still doesn't feel right. I still don't feel like writing this out yet. I will eventually, I know I will. All I really wanted to say is that The Mars Volta are not from El Paso, TX. They never have been and they NEVER WILL be. Thanks for bringing the article to my attention Tony. It still just wasn't enough to get me all riled up like I used to. I simply don't care enough anymore. There was a time when I wrote a direct to the point email to the editor of the El Paso Times about this subject. I even have it up on my wall as any of my friends can attest to, this matter is something I'm very passionate about, or at least I used to be. I can't quite pinpoint why but I'll repeat it again. I just don't care.