OneChanbara Bikini Samurai Squad hit's the streets tomorrow. As with most of D3's games it will be budget priced at $39.99 which, if you've played any of there previous games, I'm looking at you Earth Defense Force, you'll know that's the sweet spot for this type of game. It's not the highest quality dialogue, the controls are usually wonky as fuck but tolerable, and with OneChanbara I wouldn't expect anything less. I mean the title says it all. Chicks in as little clothing as possible, busting up zombies. I had my copy ready and preordered at but seeing as this week is Valentines Day and all, I cancelled it to get my lady something special, the outfit you see above. Yeah, I wish. I'll be picking this up later, unless Street Fighter 4 totally sucks me in like I expect it to. When I do I'll post up a review. If you pick this up let me know what you think.

Watch this in the meantime.