Resident Evil 5 looks amazing! There's no doubt about it. Resident Evil 5 plays like shit. Even after a revamp of the controls there isn't much of a change at all. You still can't move while shooting. Japanese developers need to drop those bad habits quick. Come on CAPCOM, if Kojima Productions can do it with Metal Gear Solid 4, you can surely do it with your Resident Evil series.

Back when the first gameplay footage of RE 5 was released, memories of RE 4 come flooding back although this time in full HD. I bought a Game Cube specifically for RE 4 when it first came out, as Nintendo still had exclusivity back then. I absolutely loved it. The controls were finicky but for the time it was all good and a major improvement from previous games in the series. You expect improvement, even some change from one game to another, however it's extremely disappointing when a AAA title like this jumps the gun to the Action genre, instead of Survival Horror, and has the controls of a walrus. Seriously, aiming in this game is like aiming at a bear with a pillow. Let alone you can't fucking move while shooting. Even a dinosaur can take a shit while running. I remember in the first Resident Evil you couldn't even aim really, you simply lifted your gun and shot blindly and magically your bullets landed. That worked then because the game was more about the adventure, examing objects and solving puzzles. Now it's not. It's no longer about Survival or Horror, it's about blasting some caps in a black zombies ass. Maybe that was where they started off wrong but with MGS4, Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War blasting testosterone all over the screen can you blame them. I understand most Japanese developers don't do FPS type controls because Japanese gamers tend to get motion sickness from it, but once again my boy Kojima and friends did it with MGS4 and still kept a setting for his fellow otaku.

It is only a demo yet I can't help but feel as though this game won't be scary in the least and mediocre at best. I hope I have the patience to make it through this one. Bad controls don't make for a scary game. Fuck even Silent Hill learned that lesson. It's like experiencing a nightmare where you can only run in place execpt the dream didn't cost you $60 and a broken fucking controller. Yeah. FUCK. Fuck you CAPCOM. I'll see you on March 13th.