image1311276327.jpgJesus, time seems to fly by when something I could care less about comes my way. It took decades for Metal Gear Solid 4 to breath new life into my PS3 and Street Fighter 4 is right around the corner, limited edition FTW! Halo Wars? Meh. I'm not sure if my complete blahness for this game comes from my lack of understanding how to find any fun in real time strategy games or simply that I'm still suffering from the after effects of Halo 3's hype machine. One thing is for sure now that the demo is out I'll dwfinately get my feet wet with it a bit and see what happens. If it's anything like my experience with Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, I may as well just give up now. Visit Major Nelson's Blog to get it ready and qeued up if you aren't by your box at the moment.

I still have the Killzone 2 demo to look forward to along with the updates Criterion released for Burnout Paradise today. I'm gonna have a busy night ahead of me.

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