boxresidentEvil5.jpgAfter going through so much trouble to reactivate my old Japanese gamertag only to access the demo from the Japanese Marketplace, the Resident Evil 5 Demo is now up on Xbox Live Marketplace for US residents. Go and get it now. The demo includes online co-op over Live or local, as well as single player with AI controlling Sheva, the new character. Not at home? Queue it up by visiting the Xbox Live Marketplace then have a loved one turn the system on for you. If you have background downloading enabled you can even have them turn it off after a minute or two. Happy faces all around.

PS3 owners you'll have to wait till next week for your zombie fix. Turn that frown upside down and get yourself an Xbox 360. Follow the trend. Tough economic crisis my ass. Circuit CIty is having 10% off sale on everything, and that's a fucking steal. If it were 5%, fuck, everything would be gone by now.

No they don't accept pesos.