Last night I finally had the chance to install the Windows 7 Beta through boot camp on my MacBook (late 2008 model). It was about 1:00am when I started and about 1:30am when I finished the initial steps to get it ready for testing. I went to bed and woke up this morning eager to take it through my daily routine and came across a few issues. The first? Well, as is always the case with any Windows operating system I've ever used beta or not, was driver support. While at work I use my Sprint Mogul for internet access, which runs on Microsofts own Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition. It includes driver support much like Vista does out of the box, however since it's in beta it doesn't seem to work like it should. I kept getting disconnected using internet sharing through USB every 2 to 3 minutes, which led me to boot back into Leopard, thats the Mac's OS for those of you not geeky enough to sport an Apple bumper sticker, and attempt a run through VMware's Fusion. Thats what you see in the following screen shots.

The second is with bluetooth devices. Still running through boot camp I attempted to add my Apple Mighty Mouse as a bluetooth device along with my Sprint Mogul, for an attempt at trying the Bluetooth PAN features, and ultimately came upon some more issues. I'm glad the Apple Software Update for the trackpad worked other wise right clicks would have been impossible. At the moment I'm still messing around with the beta and I'll return with some more impressions once I get my head together. Hey it's early folks and I'm on close to 4 hours of sleep.

Here are some screen shots I took while I was running Windows 7 through Fusion.

As you can see here, I got an error installing VMware Tools, sad face, however once I restarted everything seemed to work fine, semi happy face.