attlogo.jpgWell this is hella rad, yet entirely redic(k)-u-fucking-lous. Ever since I picked up an iPhone, I've been keen on AT&T's conniving little ways in which it does business. First off you choose your calling plan, which can range anywhere from $39.99 to $99.99, then you decide on a SMS (text messaging) plan in the price range of $5.00 for 200 to $20.00 for unlimited, finally you MUST choose a data plan, though the only option you will really need is the $30 plan, but there is also a $45 "Enterprise" plan if you really think you are that kickass.

My problem with AT&T is that the iPhone will always look for wifi first. So right off the bat you know that they are dodging any bandwidth costs they are charging you for especially when you consider they have a 10mb limit on downloads over 3G, anything over that requires you connect to wifi. Sure wifi can be turned off entirely but as I said it is required at times so that point becomes moot. 3G is fine for surfing the web, streaming internet radio such as Pandora (click opens iTunes), and some of the not-so-lengthy podcasts, however my gripe comes with how it requires you to use wifi for iTunes and it's primary focus on using wifi first. Wifi obviously has it benefits over 3G but when you are paying for a data plan that in a way is circumvented by the device, well it feels cheap.

Now we have the much anticipated rumor that AT&T will finally announce tethering plans for the iPhone at this year's, this week actually, MacWorld Expo. That rumor, while exciting, is bittersweet due to it also mentioning that AT&T plans on charging an additional $30 for the tethering plan, yes in addition to your current $30 data plan, throw on top of that a 5GB cap per month and you'll see why any excitement is quickly shot down. I've held on to my Sprint Mogul for the simple fact that I can still use it as a modem to blog from work and on Sprints EV-DO Rev A network the connection speed is more than acceptable. Last month alone I hit the 8GB mark without a peep from Sprint. The icing on the cake is that I still have my archaic $5 Power Vision plan. Can't beat that with a stick. Let's hope this rumor holds up except for the 5GB cap limit and $30 additional charge part. Fingers crossed.