Former Team Ninja studio head, Tomonobu Itagaki, is notorious for always putting an emphasis on the physics of the jiggling boob in his Dead or Alive series. More specifically Xtreme 2, which took it to almost creepy territory. I'm honestly surprised he didn't release this first, but he's always one for a challenge so it's probably for the best seeing as his version would undeniably have ninjas attempting to slice your hand off with every attempt to jiggle.

Regardless, some devs put this together and submitted it to Apple only to have it rejected. Apparently Steve Jobs and the gang consider it pornography. Kinda sad really as the developers had some fanfuckingtastic ideas planned for the update.

"We had many ideas for things like touch screen support, adjustable physics settings, breast size, but too bad they won't allow us to do it.'

Someone write those guys a check while I go giggle in the corner like a little school girl write up a letter to Cupertino.

Dear Steve-O,

Jiggling boobs on the iPhone. $0.99 a piece. Your 30% cut. Do the math. It's a win-win situation. You may even be able to stop selling Macs altogether. May. You have to remember there are some gay guys out there who have plenty of friends that allow them to do this already, at the same time don't forget about how many people play World of Warcraft. That's right, 10 million.

Your pal,