First Kojima Productions hinted at "A Next Metal Gear" with this tease in Engrish, then Kojima himself said at the Spike VGAs we would find out in the next couple of weeks what they were alluding to.  Message Boards lit up and Xbots  would not let the rumor die.  Is MGS4 finally coming to Xbox 360?  Can you honestly blame them.  Not only was the symbol green but it truly did match the center of the Xbox 360's power button.  Then again so does this.  

Low and behold, Konami and Company have come clean.  Not only was Metal Gear Solid Touch announced for the iPhone, but a couple of other key series were given the "touch" treatment.  Silent Hill: The Escape, Dance Dance Revolution and Frogger are all making the trip to Apple's iPhone.  I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I fancy myself some MGS.  Fortunately, for my paycheck at least,  I won't have to take time off of work this time around as I can easily play work.