The Dark Knight is finally out.  Sold out in the UK day one as a matter of fact.  You may think watching The Dark Knight in the comfort of your own home in all of it's high definition goodness would be sick enough, however those who don't pay attention to the details will be at a loss.  See, a while back Sony touted Blu-Rays HD Discs as the next generation in home media with features like BD-Live.  So far BD-Live has been lackluster.  There couldn't have been a better choice than The Dark Knight, actually I would have started with Iron Man but then again I'm not a high level exec that calls the shots, for Blu-Ray to finally tear the walls down all Kool-Aid man style and give a big "Oh Yeah".

For awhile BD-Live, for internet connected Blu-Ray players with a 2.0 profile, if you have a PS3 you're golden, have promised the ability to allow you to watch movies with friends who aren't in the same room with you.  The Dark Knight debuts the Live Community Screening feature.  I don't think I need to explain why this is hella rad, everyone has their reasons and they are all legit.  The only thing that's not entirely clear from the press release is whether or not everyone will need a copy of the movie.  My guess is you will since that makes more sense from a crusty-old-white-haired-depends-wearing-rich-man-high-level-exec point of view, but I haven't had a chance to pick up a copy yet so I can't confirm at the moment.  

If you happen to have a Playstation Eye hooked up to your PS3, you can also take advantage of the "My WB Commentary" feature which allows you to dress up in all sorts of cosplay and record your own commentary of the movie to share with friends and if you're daring enough, complete strangers.  

It's about time these features are taken advantage of.  I don't regret my $600 PS3 purchase for a millisecond.  Anyone pick this up yet?