I just got my copy of Resistance 2 and as you can see I went with the collectors edition.  Fully posable and kick ass Chimera action figure FTW!  It's only a toy if you open it, so I've heard.  I'm torn between taking it out of it's packaging or leaving in there, mostly for fear that's Charles Lee Ray may just pay me a visit.  Fuck, I'd way rather be a 6 inch Chimera than a 3 foot Good Guy Doll any day.

Included in the collectors edition is a Behind the Scenes/Making of Blu-Ray, a promo code for an exclusive in game modified Auger Chimeran Weapon and multiplayer skin, Art Book, the game disc with special collectors edition cover, as well as 6 inches of fun the Chimera action figure packing heat with the Bullseye weapon.

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Kickass Chimera The Disc It's about time they start printing the inside sleeves again