Wow I thought I left these guys in Canutillo High School, but just like in Colors, they don't die they just multiply.  In all honesty my brother and I grew up with guys like this and some of them were really good hearted kids, some were flat out mistakes.  To them the gangster life was inhaling spray paint fumes off a sock during english class, probably explaining the "en" instead of the proper "ing", but that's neither here westside nor there eastside.

I give this guy props for makin the most awkward ganster video ever.  It's true at least he's trying to make something of himself, I'm not gonna sit here and trash the guy because he is without a doubt doing more than most guys I know.  Although singing about changing the way you live you're life, and continuing the lifestyle kinda defeats the purpose, and you can't help but chuckle a bit at the ridiculousness of the video.  Kel LOVES this video, but she also dated a thug on the phone for a week, and wore lipliner so go figure.  

Go read the comments on this video, they are all sorts of rad.  My favorite so far, "ese era mi regal el candy green..A mando whats up homie".  Wow I think my diarrhea can write better than that and spell out "hey" instead of "A" in undigested corn.  I whole heartedly believe the commenter thinks that's right.  

The bright side of this post ese, is that it's the first in the Music category I've posted in awhile homie.  But I'm not talking, cuz I know.  La pura neta.