It's too bad I don't have any friends who would be willing to jump through the hoops to get this demo from the Japanese Marketplace.  I think we'd be looking forward to some good times, although not many of my friends are Resident Evil fans.  For the first time in the series, or at least the for the first time in the series that it's done right, Resident Evil: Outbreak 1 and 2 say hi, this game not only includes online play, but CO-OP online play.  The first time they came out with actual gameplay footage my jaw was agape.  To finally see it in action myself, I'm almost, well, speechless.  I can't believes it's been almost 3 years since they first debuted the trailer for RE5.  Time fucking flies when you are anticipating some kick ass shit.  Now the fully playable Resident Evil 5 Demo is upon us and I'm ecstatic, that is, until I remember the anticipation has only made me disregard my getting older.  I'll wait till I'm actually home and get my hands on it to really praise or, god forbid, trash it for sticking to some tradition, come on CAPCOM, if Konami can learn from the Metal Gear Solid series so can you.  Planet Xbox 360 has the instructions on what you need to do to get the demo up and running.  If you just so happen to already have a Japanese Xbox Live Gold Account and understand Japanese here's the direct link for you right off of the Japanese Marketplace.

Anyone on out there on my friends list willing to do this?  Pretty please?

See you in Africa.  If the zombies get to be frustrating, I'll be the one burning some capital T's.

Oh and thanks, Kel.