For someone who constantly shops online at, this app is a godsend.   For awhile Amazon has had it's website be iPhone friendly, but that's not enough, not with the kind of technology out in wild these days.  The app (click opens iTunes) lets you enter your account info, simply email and password, and brings you to your home screen which displays your wishlist.  The bottom row as you can see in this screenshot taken directly from my iPhone, thanks to it's handy built-in screen capture, I wish you could do this with the MAXIM dressing room but I guess, no I'm sure that's not a technology issue more a...well nevermind.  The bottom row gives you five separate tabs, the first three are obvious what they do, the remembers tab though is hella rad.  It lets you takes pictures of anything you see at a store, in your backyard, at friends house, well you get the idea, it then sends it to Amazon, where they then have live guinea pigs look it up for you and send you a link of how much it sells for on Amazon, if they carry it ofcourse.  So far I've only tested it on my MacBook to no avail.  It may have just been that the picture looked a bit too dark, regardless it saves the picture in the app and on so that you can, wait for check up on it later you know, in case you, wait for it..FORGET I always do.

I'm sure they've gotten their fair share of penises? penis's? penisai? Raphael?  Yeah, more than one.  You hear that Tony, so, oh wait that's right you have a G1 so BAM! 

This neat little app also lets you track your items without having to open Safari or any external applications.  Pretty damn slick.

So yeah if you're damn near kick ass, have an iPhone, and have an itchy shopping finger, you need this app  It costs less than a day of the Christian Children's Fund.  You can't swat flies with an iPhone, but you sure as hell can save a life.  Dial 911.

Remembers Tab