No.  It deserves you're absolute undivided attention, and yes even you're $20.  It's kinda sad that it actually took the piracy issue for me to really pay attention to this game but maybe it's for the best.  See, World of Goo is an independently developed title that just so happens to be on Wii Ware as well.  It's a ballsy move by the developers to release a game with absolutely no DRM of any kind into the wild.  They put their trust in gamers and they've been let down.  "Last we checked the piracy rate was about 90%" said 2D Boy's Ron Carmel, via Kotaku.  With all of these pirates people using the "anti-corporate" excuse to justify bypassing DRM issues with games, like Spore, Mass Effect and Call of Duty 4, finally a developer, and an indy developer no less, puts it's faith in it's customers and they in turn basically just Johnny Cage 2D Boy's nuts and walk off into the sunset to "spread the wealth".  If the game sucked or was an absolute rip, fine, but after playing the demo myself, it's actually a really well thought out puzzle game.  It's available for Mac, PC and Wii via WiiWare, as well as directly from their site.  Please go at least give this game a shot through the demo, if you like it BUY IT.  It's available through Steam as well so go, get out of here.  It runs on basically any PC or Mac.  Flux Capacitor need not apply.