About a month ago I signed up through Major Nelson's site for an early look at the New Xbox Experience.  Invites were sent and I finally get mine.  2 days before official release.  Hey it's better than nothing.  I just finished creating my Mii avatar and as I write this Kel is customizing her own.  I'll update this in the morning once I mess around with this a bit more.  Netflix HD streaming FTW!!

UPDATE:  Just an FYI.  The minute you start up your Xbox 360, after the update is applied, you're greeted with about a 30 second intro that then leads to the customize an avatar option.  I'm not sure if you can skip that step, since it was the first thing I wanted to do anyway, I went ahead and did so.  I can't wait to see what everyone on my friends list has as an avatar once NXE officially releases on Wednesday.  The options to customize your character are ample if not generous.  Expect to have Microsoft, and possibly other publishers, take some weight off of your wallet with lots and lots of custom outfits for your digiself.  Once you are done customizing, you can then take a picture of your avatar to use as your gamer pic.

I didn't go full on with the update last night since I was right about to go to bed and exhausted, however I did manage to give Netflix streaming a try and it works seamlessly, certainly justifying my subscription to both Live and Netflix.  You simply download a small 3.5MB file from the marketplace, go to your PC or Mac web browser, log in to your Netflix account and enter a 5 digit code and instantly your Netflix Instant Watching Queue pops up.  I didn't see an option to add movies using the Xbox 360, I'll verify this later tonight, however anything you add to your queue from your PC will instantaneously appear on your Xbox 360.  How's the quality?  Well it's what you would expect from an internet streaming service think YouTube but slightly better.  Ofcourse this all depends on your connection, mine only had one bar, meaning my neighbor was busy downloading some Buxom Latinas or the latest Girls Gone Wild on BitTorrent, and I couldn't get my Charles in Charge on.  Just as I did on my mac, I tested the pilot episode of  The Office, it was already on my list, and unlike the occasional buffering I got on my Mac, the Xbox 360 made it through the whole episode without a hitch.  Overall, great feature.  Definitely adds value to being a Xbox Live Gold subscriber.

Anyone who doesn't like change, much like mah lady, fear not as simple press of the guide button brings up a smaller version of the current blades system you're no doubt familiar with, which gives you access to every feature and menu.  

I still need to test installing games to the hard drive, community games, and simply take it all in again.  If there's anything I forgot or anything else I can think of I'll make sure to come back and update accordingly.  You guys are definitely in for a treat.