The thing I love about Valve's games is that they are loud.  Fucking loud.  Guns sound a feel like guns.  The thing I hate about Valve's games, on a console anyway, is that they always tend to feel like a PC game on a console.  By that I mean the controls, on default settings, are slippery as fuck and sensitive as all hell.  Left 4 Dead is no exception, at least this time it almost benefits from the twitchy control since blasting these zombies at Halo speed would have been nigh impossible.  

The demo starts you off with a short cinematic intro not really explaining anything, more so just setting the mood.  You chose you character from a roster of 4, 3 guys and 1 gal.  I played as Zoey, the chick, and almost immediately you begin blasting away at the undead.  Valve, for awhile now, has been touting how great their AI in this game would be.  Dubbed the AI Director, it's main purpose is to help change the way the game is played every single time and deliver the zombie fest based on how well or not so well your team is doing.  You start of with a basic pistol, unlimited ammo no less, and laid out in front of you on a table are two other choices, a shot gun and an uzi.  I'm sure  the full game will have more variety, as I noticed towards the end of the demo, I came across an M4 Carbine assault rifle.  No zombie game would complete without explosives and if you've ever played Half-Life 2 you'll immediately find the bleeping red light and tracer effect of the pipe bombs familiar.  As mentioned in the Zombie Survival Guide these guys tend to be attracted to loud sounds and bright lights, so if you're ever surrounded, and you will, and happen to have one in your inventory, feel free to let that puppy fly.  More gratifying though are the molotov cocktails.  They light up anything that walks through it's path.  They did add in the much needed 180 degrees quick turn mapped to the right bumper, much like Lost Planet did.  In this game more than any it's a godsend.  Valve has always done some really interesting things with their in-game physics so I could imagine at some point in the full game maybe they'll make us board up a house and go all Night of the Living Dead on us.  That would be a great way of adding variety.  Gravity Gun in Left 4 Dead.  Fingers crossed.

Since all my friends are taking part of the gay pride parade and either don't have cable, but have an Xbox Live account just wasting away, or are simply just gay all around, I wasn't able to try the co-op, which is what Left 4 Dead was designed for, I may just update this post once I have.  In the meantime I'm off to borrow my friend Henry's Zombie Survival Guide to prep up for the 18th.  Oh and Kel, I think my birthdays coming up and I'll be damned if I get something other than an M4 Carbine from The Academy under the birthday tree.  Damned I tell you.